Geometry Dash Lite For iOS(iPhone/iPad) Download 2021

Geometry Dash Lite for iOS is a great way to get your feet wet with the endless runner genre. The game features 100 levels of increasing difficulty, each one requiring you to jump quickly and dodge red obstacles along the way.

There are two ways for players to control their character: swiping left or right on the screen will make them move in that direction; tapping either side of both screens allows users to jump. Be careful not fall off into nothingness because it’s pretty much impossible!


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App NameGeometry Dash Lite For iPhone
App Version2.2
File Size72.8 MB
Require8.0 or later
DeveloperRobTop Games AB


About Geometry Dash Lite for iOs

Geometry Dash is a fast-paced, addictive game that’s fun for all ages. Players have to tap the screen and move through levels by avoiding obstacles while collecting coins as they go! The popular game is now available on your iPhone. You can download the popular geometry dash game for your phone and for your PC as well. Get a sneak peek at what’s coming up in this mobile app version.

Now with an iPhone-compatible app, many people will be able to get their hands on the addictive arcade video games that have taken over social media feeds everywhere.



Close your eyes. Imagine you’re running through a forest in the dark, with trees and boulders whizzing past at breakneck speeds as thunder crashes around you. You jump over gaps without hesitation, dodging obstacles like they were mere flies on the wall; nothing can stop this unstoppable force of nature.

Now open up those peepers because that’s what Geometry Dash Lite is all about: an addictive game where players must make it to each level’s end before touching anything or else their beloved protagonist will be reduced down to dust, so don’t get too comfy now!

The beauty of the game is that it has a soundtrack with little touches, like storms and animals doing their best to avoid being eaten.