Geometry Dash Lite for PC 2022 Latest Version (Windows)

Geometry Dash Lite for pc is a simplified version of Geometry Dash world. It offers you all the same challenges minus some levels that are too challenging to be tackled by beginners. It’s easy enough for anyone who has had experience with these types of games before but still provides plenty difficulty so it will keep any gamer entertained!

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This is a mobile game that you can download on your PC. With this game, you have to perform some tricky moves at the right time and jump over obstacles in order to get where it needs to go without crashing into something or running out of space!

Geometry Dash Lite For PC Details

App NameGeometry Dash Lite Mod For PC
App Version2.21
File Size47.44 MB
Update 2021
DeveloperRobTop Games


Guide For Installation in PC/Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10

Step: 1 Download Andy Emulator (Recommended)

Download the Android emulator from this link to your computer for Windows PC. Cick Here  to download Andy emulator for windows.


Step:2 Install The Emulator

Now, you need to locate the Andy emulator  application in your Downloads folder. Once found, click on it and follow directions for installation (following an easy-to-navigate setup wizard). The Emulator will be successfully installed once all steps are followed!


Step:3 Install the Geometry Dash Lite in Emulator

Now, open the Andy Emulator application you have installed. Then follow the video tutorial below for installing  the Geometry Dash Lite mod apk file.

Once you have installed the Geometry Dash Lite Apk, find it from your installed Applications tap on icon and enjoy Geometry dash lite on your PC.



In the geometric world of geometry dash, you will need to navigate through a series of obstacles and hazards that are determined by where your character is on-screen.

For example, if there’s an arrow pointing upwards at one point in time but then it changes direction shortly thereafter, this means that the obstacle coming up next should be navigated downwards instead.

The objective of the game is simply to keep moving forward through each level by jumping over all obstacles in your way (like spikes and pits). These levels are timed so be sure not only move quickly but also collect coins along the way because these can give you points which will make it easier when trying beat various scores on different difficulties.

Final Verdict

It’s a game where players jump through various obstacles in order to get the highest score possible. This includes jumping over gaps, avoiding arrows and spikes on walls, etc.

Geometry dash lite PC version is a great game for anyone with an interest in math and logic. It’s easy to get started, but as you progress it becomes increasingly challenging!