Geometry Dash Mod APK For iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Geometry Dash is an amazing mobile app for iOS (iPad or iPhone). It’s essentially 2D side-scrolling video game where players have control navigating through obstacles by pressing buttons at the right moment while moving from one platform to another with time limits.

The player must avoid hitting objects including unseen able pitfalls such as flames, long gaps between platforms.

Geometry dash lite and World version is a fun game that has many levels. Some of the best parts are jumping over spikes, getting past blocks and having to figure out which way you need go next in order to unlock new ways forward.


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Geometry Dash Info

App NameGeometry Dash mod for Ios
DeveloperRobTop Games
Size84 MB
FeaturesEverything Unlocked



Download Guide

I will show you how to download the mod version of Geometry Dash Free iOS. You need AppValley installed on your iPhone/iPad for that and it is one of the popular third-party app stores which contain a ton of modified apps and games not available in Apple Store.

Follow these steps below to install:

1. Click the above download button and download appvaley.

2. Install the Appvaley app in your phone.

3. open up Appvely > tap search bar > type “geometry dash free”

4. Download the Geometry Dash mod and enjoy.


How To Uninstall Geometry Dash Mod From IOs

It’s easy to get addicted to Geometry Dash mod apk for ios. You might think that deleting the app solves your problem, but if you need help uninstalling it on iOS or then read the instruction below.

1.Unlock and open the app library.

2.Navigate down until you see Geometry Dash MOD icon, click on it to select.

3.Hold the App while tapping “Delete” in drop-down menu that appears after clicking or holding for a few seconds (depending on your device).

4.Tap OK when prompted with message confirming deletion of application



The Geometry Dash Mod apk for IOsĀ  is a critically acclaimed game that can be played on any computer , laptop or Mobile. The objective of the game is to make it through an obstacle course in order to get into space and win.

It’s easy enough for anyone who has ever seen Nintendo, but difficult enough so you never really grow bored with playing. You’ll find yourself entering this world again and again without even realizing how many hours have gone by because there are over 1200 levels waiting for your arrival at all times – something no other games offer as well!!!