Geometry Dash MOD APK For PC Download 2022 Latest Version

Download the latest version of geometry dash mod APK for your desktop or laptop! If you’re still not feeling good about playing on a smaller screen, download it and control every action with precision. Why not download Geometry Dash now?


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Geometry Dash is a popular game that takes the form of an endless runner. It features over different levels, and users get to play as one geometric shape or another in order to make their way through all sorts of obstacles like spikes, holes, rockets- you name it!

The Geometry dash PC version has tons of unblock like Geometry Dash for iOS, additional including special cubes which can be used for customizing your character.


About Geometry Dash for PC

Geometry Dash is an amazing game that has beautiful graphics and environments. You can play in HD or watch the best replays online. It’s been a hit since it was first released, with lots of people downloading Geometry dash full version free download to their phones and tablets!

You’re going to love playing this addictive game on your PC after you’ve downloaded Geometry Dash for FREE today. The app offers hours of fun as well over different levels across six worlds so there will be plenty more opportunities to challenge yourself.

You’ve just been challenged to a near impossible challenge in the world of Geometry Dash. To prove your skills, you’ll need to fly through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles by jumping and flipping with quick reflexes.



How To Install Geometry Dash Mod Apk For Pc

It’s an insanely addictive game from the Play Store. Here are three simple steps that will help you get started with your installation:

1) Download and install Andy; make sure to enable virtualization in BIOS settings as well as having the latest video driver installed on your PC.
2) Open Andy and complete signup procedure- if a Google account is available then it can also be used for signing up process.
3) Search for Geometry dash on Google play store and install it.

4) Open the installed App and Enjoy Geometry Dash Mod Apk on your Desktop or PC.

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Challenge Yourself

This game is incredibly challenging because it requires players have excellent reaction times as they jump, flip, or fall from one level to another depending on whether an obstacle needs a speedy response or not.